by Border Barrier Systems on Wed, Nov 04 2015 09:46:00

BBS Road Rock

Border Barriers is the UK’s leading manufacturer / supplier of safety barrier products for hire and sale throughout the UK and Europe. Along with its exclusive Rhino water-fill crash tested EN1317-N1 safety barrier system, it has a wide range of associated products that offer practical safety and security solutions for the traffic management sector, as well as civil works, airports, rail and pedestrian locations.

Border Barrier Systems are launching the highly versatile British made BBS Road Rock which is a multifunctional base and the first product of its kind that will allow a temporary pedestrian barrier to pass class B wind speeds (17.6m/s). The product can be utilised in a wide array of purposes including inner city areas, street works, airports, car parks, pedestrian safety, hospitals, factories, rail stations, shopping centres and major events.

At 15Kgs each, the BBS Road Rock provides the precise weight needed, every time, to withstand these wind speed. Each unit measures 0.5m long by 0.308m high and 0.315m wide with a handle making them easy to lift. An added feature is the interlocking joints allowing the units to be placed quickly and efficiently making it possible to create a continuous run and implement delineator style system.

This new and innovate product is manufactured from 100% recycled PVC, which is also 100% recyclable, A curved front and back face allow angular movement, which make it possible to flow around corners and bends. The BBS Road Runner units are durable for a long working life and offer high visibility. The base section is red or white as standard however can be tailored to suit corporate colours; the top section as black and can be embossed with corporate ID.

Malcolm Chalmers, Group Sales Manager said: "The BBS Road Rock is a new and innovative multifunctional base section which we are happy to add to our extensive range of safety and security products. 42 units can be loaded onto one pallet, reducing the transport related carbon footprint for National or International haulage and shipping."