by Border Barrier Systems on Fri, Sep 14 2012 12:33:00

A recent article reported motorists are ignoring diversions and moving road cones to drive through roadworks.

Check out our Standard Rhino Barrier, Separator and Strongwall Barrier solutions to avoid such safety issues and protect your labourers.

We have a vast range of barriers which are simple and easy to install in a matter of minutes, with the supply of the Border Barrier Systems Installation team we can take the strain and set up the site for you.

Standard Rhino Barrier

Heavy-duty water-fill barrier, will contain a vehicle up to 30mph (50kph)

Accepted for use on all BAA Airports

MIRA wind tested up to 72mph

Can be fitted with side impact strips, enhancing the system to BSEN1317-N1  crash tested up to 50mph (80kph) and Highways Agency Approved

Std Rhino Liverpool 

Separator Barrier

Lightweight and easily assembled, water-fill barrier.

8kg empty / 28kg water-filled, can be extended to 1m high with the use of a Chapter 8 post and rail attachment.

Separator 55

Strongwall Barrier

Interlocking safety barrier which will withstand and arrest the fall of a stumbling person.

Easy to assemble, each top section slots into the base unit.